PPM Plant Preservative Mixture


PPM is a type of Plant Preservative Mixture
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Plant Preservative Mixture (PPM)

Plant Preservative Mixture (PPM™) is a broad-spectrum biocide designed for use in plant tissue culture to combat microbial contamination. PPM™ effectively addresses contamination from airborne, waterborne, and endogenous sources without compromising the integrity of plant tissue culture processes.

 Benefits of Plant Preservative Mixture

  1. - **Broad-Spectrum Biocide:** PPM™ prevents the germination of both bacterial and fungal spores.
  2. - **Heat Stability:** PPM™ is stable under heat and can be autoclaved with media.
  3. - **Efficacy in Contamination Prevention:** PPM™ is particularly effective when included as a standard component in plant tissue culture media, offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional antibiotics.
  4. - **Non-Genotoxic:** PPM™ does not alter the genetic profile of plants.
  5. - **Wide Application:** It is useful in preventing contamination from various sources, including airborne, waterborne, and human contact, and can also reduce endogenous contamination.

 Recommended Dosage Levels

  1. - **General Use:** For most applications, the recommended concentration is 0.05%-0.2%.
  2. - **Callus Proliferation, Organogenesis, and Embryogenesis:** A lower concentration range of 0.05%-0.075% is recommended.
  3. - **Endogenous Contamination:** Higher doses may be necessary to address high levels of endogenous contamination effectively.

By adhering to these dosage guidelines and maintaining aseptic laboratory techniques, PPM™ significantly enhances the success rate and health of plant tissue cultures.